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baseball wreath

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You all know that it’s our family’s favorite time of year… Baseball season!!  With Dave and Avery both playing, and Dave and I coaching, our lives revolve around practice and game schedules.   It’s busy, it’s exhausting, it’s non-stop, but it’s fun and we love it!Have fun ncoaching youth sports

The thing is, Dave is old. (I can say that, because I am still young. I’m a whole month younger than him!) and his body doesn’t always want to keep up with what his mind THINKS it can do. I mean, honestly, he is very fit, and healthy, but we all know how our bodies just don’t bounce back as quickly as they used to once we get past a certain age (For us it was 30. At 30, it all started to go downhill.)12985532_10153588522101452_4807828029980697048_n

So, sometimes, he needs a little help with the aches and pains that come with the baseball player/coach territory. Hit in the arm with a bat, wielded by an exuberant 5 year old? Sore back from hitting grounders for fielding practice? Achy shoulder after pitching 7 innings?  Headache after a night of trying to get 4 and 5 year olds to “LISTEN!”  Dave uses TYLENOL® 8 HR Muscle Aches & Pain!  It lets him take control of  muscle pain and take back his day!TYLENOL® 8 HR Muscle Aches & Pain at Target

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You can use that gift card to buy another bottle of Extra Strength TYLENOL® the next time you’re out, or  if you’re anything like me, you’d go straight over to the cafe and grab yourself a delicious caffeinated beverage. You earned it!Tylenol 8HR

Since we are such a baseball crazed family, I thought we should advertise that on the front of our house. We already have the perfectly manicured lawn that looks like baseball field (haha, no we don’t.) But I wanted to make a fun Baseball wreath to hang on our door. (Because I really should take down our St. Patrick’s Day wreath…)TYLENOL® 8 HR

This project is really easy, but you will need some power tools. Well, one power tool. You’ll need a drill.

baseball wreath tutorial

You’ll need:
-baseballs (new, or used)
-a wire wreath form
-wire cutters
-a drill
-hot glue or other glue/adhesive

Drill holes in baseballsCarefully drill a hole through the center of your baseballs.

Carefully cut the wreath formCarefully cut your wire wreath form, so that you have one single, “ring” (you can choose which size ring, depending on how large or small you want your wreath to be)

Feed baseballs on to the wireString the baseballs onto the wire like a giant necklace.  (You can tie ribbons in between the baseballs as I did, or leave it plain)DIY Baseball wreath tutorial

ribbons baseball wreathWhen you get to the end, load the center of the baseball with hot glue, and hold it in place, where the ends of the wires meet.glue baseball wreath

Attach a string/ribbon to the back to hang, and display your baseball wreath, proudly on your door or wall!Baseball wreath

You can also add other little decorations to customize your baseball wreath.
-mini baseball bat
-your child’s baseball number or team name
-your favorite team’s logo
-whatever your baseball loving heart, desires!

Now our mail carrier, delivery people, door to door sales folks, or anyone else who comes to our door will have no question about our favorite summer pastime!

Easy Baseball Wreath TutorialEasy DIY Baseball Wreath

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  1. Carla says:

    Love!! What type of drill bit did you use?? I assume a long one to go all the way through the ball?? My father in law drilled holes in some balls for me and used his drill press so it would not go all the way through to the other side without turning the ball over and drilling from the other side as well.

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