Baseball With Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day and we celebrated the best way we knew how…With a baseball game!  Growing up, my dad taught me to love baseball. He taught me everything about the game, he taught me the history (My 3rd grade Inventor report was on Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright) He taught me the pain of being a Red Sox fan–which also made me a stronger person–and a hatred for the New York Yankees (and yes, I grew up in New York)

Dave also loves baseball–which was a requirement for a partner, since  I could never imagine myself with a man who didn’t love, or at least have a deep understanding of the game. On our first date Dave asked me who my favorite Red Sox player was, fully expecting a response of “Uhmmmm……Jacoby is really cute!” My response??  “Well, What decade are we talking?”  Then I gave him the list, starting with Bobby Doerr and ending with Jason Varitek (with Tony Pena,  John Valentin, and Brian Daubach thrown in the middle) He knew, when I threw out more “obscure” names like Daubach, that I was the girl for him.

So, when we were told, by a friend, that the Pawtucket Red Sox were having a Father’s Day BBQ on Sunday before the game, we knew what we were going to do to celebrate the Dads!

We had such a wonderful time. We arrived around 11am, and headed to the BBQ tent where they had set up a buffet of all you can eat burgers (I had one) hotdogs, chicken, macaroni, pasta and potato salads, baked beans, popsicles and drinks. After eating our lunch we got to head out on to the field to “Play Catch” they gave each child a Paw Sox baseball to keep! It was a lot of fun to be on the field with my dad and husband who love the game so much, and of course Avery, who really could not have been less interested in the activity haha

After playing catch we headed up to our seats, and hunkered down for the game!  It wasn’t the most exciting game (it was incredibly one sided) but the Paw Sox won! After the game, my parents headed home, and Dave and Avery took to the field again to run the bases!  (Avery did this last year as a tiny little baby, so it was fun to see her actually running, herself, this year!)

We had such a great time, and will definitely do this again next year if they offer it!!

And now for somefd1 fd3 fd6 fd7 FD2 fd8 fd4 fd5 pictures….



  1. Angela Gilmore says:

    Sounds like you had a great day, and what a perfect way to celebrate the dads! I love your pictures. And I’m completely clueless about baseball, I had to Google a few things here 😉

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