Easy DIY Backyard Racetrack

Backyard racetrackEasy DIY Backyard Racetrack - A fun way for kids to get outside, use their imaginations, and have fun! With the nice weather, we’ve being playing catch-up on the yard work! We’re working on our shed, trying to cure our poison ivy problem,  doing general spring clean-up, and of course, planting flowers!  There are many times where we can show Avery the ropes, and have her help us, but sometimes, the work that needs to be done is just not in her wheelhouse. She has a nice play space, but sometimes she gets bored (because she’s 5, and apparently needs something to entertain her 24/7) We’d thought about getting her a swing set, but we don’t really have the space. We needed something small, that would fit the space, but still be entertaining and let her use her imagination.

Since Avery has been so into her race cars lately, we decided it would be fun to create a little backyard racetrack for them! So, we built this backyard racetrack garden for her! Well, WITH her, as she was very helpful from start to finish–choosing the flowers, mulch and stone, helping come up with layout ideas, and putting it all together! It was nice that our family could work together on this project, while teaching Avery some new skills. Lay out stone borderFirst we had to decide on a space. There were a few spots in our yard that we thought would work well, but one was too shady, one was too buggy, one was too close to the fence covered in poison ivy. We finally decided to put the garden track in a corner of Avery’s play space. It actually ended up being perfect! We had some old curved blocks hanging around, so we used those for the border. (We may paint them in the near future) And then filled the space with topsoil (The turf on Avery’s play space is very thin, and drains well, so we put the soil right on top of it)  Fill the space with top soil

Once the soil was set, we got to work on the track pieces. We’d planned to use bricks, but when we saw the rubber tiles, we thought they’d work better because they are so thin. We cut the tiles apart (along the lines) and pressed them into the soil, creating a track.Cut rubber patio tiles to create the roadAvery wanted a tunnel, so we also picked up a piece of pvc pipe.  I pressed that into the soil, and the covered it with more soil, and some cool moss we found at the garden center!  Use a pvc pipe to create a tunnel for your cars to drive throughWe then planted our flowers in the middle, covered the center with mulch, and the outer areas in stone.  We added blue glass stones and a little boat to create a pond along the trackWe added in a little “pond” using crushed sea glass and a fence along the inside of the track. Fun Cars 3 themed garden race track DIY Race Car Garden Outdoor car trackWe all love the backyard racetrack! The tunnel is our favorite part!  Fun outdoor car trackIt was so much fun spending a few days working on this project as a family! Avery learned some new gardening skills while Dave and I learned ALL about every  car (She has a story made up about all of them…obviously) This Backyard racetrack is definitely going to be THE place to be this summer!

On their way to radiator springs

Avery driving her cars around her backyard racetrack

Easy DIY Backyard Racetrack

Easy DIY Backyard Racetrack - Easy way to keep kids entertained all summer long


  1. Kelly says:

    So cute! I love the idea of a racetrack garden. We’ve been thinking of building something similar for our boys in our new garden space. #client

  2. Mike Anderson says:

    Hello Sarah, I love the idea of a racetrack garden. Children also enjoy gardening and love to play in the garden. Your baby is so cute. You have shared awesome pictures of your garden and baby. I like this blog. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting!.

  3. Nick says:

    Your blog inspires every person like me to experiment, DIY and design the way you like to see at your lawn. I never tried it yet, until I see inspiring work art from your bloggers to inspire people with their work.

  4. Emma says:

    It is a pleasure to see how these kids are also helping their parents to complete this project. And, I must say, this is the most beautiful race track ever.

  5. kyli says:

    This is really looking so amazing and beautiful. I’m also trying to install and setup the small water pool. This article give me so many ideas. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. mindnasium says:

    The informational post was quite beneficial! I’m only getting started with this, but I’m getting a lot more comfortable with it! Thank you, and keep up the fantastic work.

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