Avery’s Turkey Hill Taste Test!


I am a Turkey Hill Fan-bassador. I was not asked to write this, and all opinions of this delicious, delicious ice cream are my own!

Remember Avery’s Cutie Pie Party?  Yeah, it was super cute and super fun. I had mentioned in that post that we consumed mass quantities of Turkey Hill All Natural Ice cream (Along with our pie, of course!)

I wanted to talk about the ice cream one more time!!

As a Turkey Hill Fanbassador, I was given the fun task of hosting an Ice Cream Taste Test! Since Avery’s party was pie themed, and ice cream and pie go together like peanut butter and jelly, I thought “What a better time to hold the taste test!!”

We had three options: The Classic Favorites: Coffee, Vanilla and Chocolate!

Turkey Hill All Natural Taste Test! #TRKAmbassador

The Turkey Hill All Natural Ice cream went PERFECTLY with our pies!! And I know the guests loved that the ice cream was free of artificial ingredients! Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream Taste Test! #TRKAmbassador

The adults chose Coffee as the winner (It may have been because the party was at 10am!)

And the kiddos finished off the entire carton of Vanilla!

Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream Avery's Taste Test! #TRKAmbassador

Don’t feel bad for Chocolate, he was a very close runner up to Vanilla with the kids!

I personally found it impossible to choose, and opted for a little scoop of each flavor!


What is YOUR favorite flavor of ice cream?

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