Avery’s Cutie Pie 2nd Birthday Party!

Avery turned two last week. TWO!! Where did the time go?1  It’s so hard to believe that she’s already a full fledged toddler and no longer a baby! (though she’ll always be my baby girl!!)

This year I wanted Avery to have a say in her party, so I asked her “What kind of party do you want to have? Do you want pirates? Fairies? Soccer? Dance?” Her answer, every time I asked?


So, a pie party is what she had!

We had her party at Bellani Maternity, and Miss Sandy (who is also Avery’s dance teacher) was a phenomenal party host! I dropped everything off on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday morning Sandy had everything set up and ready to go! We just had to bring the pie and Turkey Hill All natural ice cream (or course!)

Here are some photos from the day!


Red and turquoise were the colors of the day!  I LOVE this color combination so much!


Fun Pie Party Birthday


We had pie, pie and more pie! Nothing but pie! It WAS a pie party, after all!


A few details… The only project I made this year was the little cutie pie banner! I wanted this party to be stress free, so I didn’t go pinterest crazy!

I did use duct tape on the water bottles to make them a bit more festive!

We gave little aprons as party favors, and boy did they come in handy!  The kids were covered in pie and ice cream, fortunately the aprons protected all their cute outfits!


These mason jars were PERFECT and each guest got to take one home!



Avery, like her mommy, hates when people sing the birthday song to her…


But she sure does love pie!


All the kids had a blast playing in the little gym at Bellani! We even had a ball pit!



Avery’s dress was the cutest thing ever! And she wore her headband all day! It was nothing short of a birthday miracle! When she woke up on party day she ASKED for her headband! It was pretty amazing since she normally hates things on her head/in her hair!




Thank you to everyone who was able to come to Avery’s Pie Party! Avery, Dave, and I have some amazing friends!


Party venue: Bellani Maternity, Warwick, RI

Pies: Wright’s Dairy Farm, N. Smithfield, RI

Dress: Penelope’s Eclectic Closet, Salt Lake City, UT 

Ice Cream: Turkey Hill All Natural


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