All Kinds Of Mothers

**I wrote this back in 2011, and thought I should share it again, with a few additions.**

happy mothers day sunflower


To all the soon-to-be, first time, Mommies who are scared and excited to welcome their new babies into the world.

To the moms who were up all night with crying babies, and those wiping runny noses this morning.

To the women who gave birth, and made the right decision to let their babies be raised by others.

To the mothers who adopted those babies and raised them as their own blood.

To the single moms.

To the dads who take on the role of “Mother”

To the moms of one…

and the moms of twenty.

To the mothers who lost their babies; be it during pregnancy or after they were born.

To the moms who have never missed a game.

To the moms who embrace their child’s differences and let them be who they are, without judgment.

The moms who let their sons take ballet, and their daughter’s play football

To the mom’s who say “Rub some dirt on it” to a broken arm, and the ones who rush to the ER for a paper cut.

To the mothers who no longer speak to their children, but yearn to every day,

To the Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, cousins, and friends, who are raising children when their moms can’t be there.

To the step-moms who help raise children that aren’t theirs, and do so with love, and without resentment.

To the foster moms who bless children every day with a safe place to live and a loving environment.

To the mothers of children with special needs, who may have seen their dreams come crashing down, but have created new dreams, and help their children thrive and reach their goals

To the mothers with children serving over-seas, who have also made a huge sacrifice for America.

To the women who long to be mothers more than anything but can’t conceive.

To the women who have no human children but are mothers to their furbabies.

To the teachers, social workers, neighbors and friends who help to raise and guide children, showing them love and positive attention.

There are all kinds of Mother’s, and today we Celebrate and Thank YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Jen says:

    I’m pretty sure I say this every time you post it, but I want to thank you for including those of us who can’t conceive. What to do next is such a difficult decision, but I just appreciate that you recognize how difficult this day can be. Thanks much!

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