Adopted Kid Changes the World

So, obviously we’ve all heard the sad news about Steve Jobs passing.  I’m not going to dwell on his death, because, honestly, I’m a little “tired” of hearing about it myself.  Don’t get me wrong.  The man was an amazing inventor, a genius, and he was incredibly wise.  I’m typing this post on a macbook pro. My ipod only a few feet away, my G4 in the other room (No, I do not have an iphone…I’m a Droid girl) But, enough is enough with the chain e-mails, and constant facebook posts and tweets.

The point of this blog has a bit to do with one of those facebook posts making it’s way around the interwebs.

This one:

At first I read it and thought “Heck yeah!!!  Us adopted people are flipping awesome!”  But then I thought more about the words, and It struck me that it almost implies that kids born out of wedlock, and then adopted are somehow less likely to change the world.  Like, “Wow, he had this horrible life, yet look at how he turned it around!”  I’m not sure where that feeling stems from.  Adopted kids, specifically those adopted at birth like Steve Jobs was, are not “damaged goods”  We’re just like everyone else. Sure, our first day of life in the outside word may have been filled with loss, But we were adopted into loving families who wanted us more than anything in the world.
Some examples of adopted kids who ended up doing something impressive with their lives: Country singer Faith Hill,  singer/songwriter Sarah  McLachlan, Olympian Scott Hamilton, founder of Wendy’s Dave Thomas, former President of the United States Gerald Ford, singer/songwriter John Lennon (adopted by family members),writer Truman Capote (adopted by family members)  TV personality Art Linkletter, inventor George Washington Carver (Raised by the man who owned his parents as slaves), Comedian Jeff Dunham, football player Daunte Culpepper, actress Marilyn Monroe (raised in the foster care system), hall of fame baseball player Babe Ruth (grew up in an orphanage)

Steve Jobs is not the first adoptee to “Change the world” or have an impact on society, and he certainly wont be the last.

Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs, thanks for everything you created, and thank you to your parents for adopting you, and raising you to be awesome.


  1. Upstatemamma says:

    Yes!! I saw this tweeted out and immediately the hairs on the back of my neck went up. Why adopted? Why does everyone always have to point out that the person was adopted? As if that actually tells you anything about him/her (I only saw the title so I did not know who it was that had changed the world yet). I was so ready to tell you that there is no reason to include the fact that this person was adopted and then I read your post. :) I am a mom through adoption :)

    • Sarah says:

      YES!! I know, like I said, at first it didn’t bother me, but after thinking of it I just kept thinking, “Its cool that I have that in common with him but why should it matter?!” He was a genius of a man, who was raised by two loving parents who obviously nurtured his passion!

      :) Hooray for adoption! Thanks for commenting!

  2. manyblessings says:

    We adopted, and adoption is near and dear to our hearts because that’s how we have quite a few other members of our extended families. Anyway, thank you for this blog. I look forward to reading your insights. :)

  3. Michelle Goguen Moody says:

    Well I think there are many children out there who would have been better off being adopted and because of not so ideal circumstances, never reached their full potential. Nobody really knows how an adopted child’s life would have turned out had he/she remained with it’s biological parents. So maybe the originator of the post was remarking at how Steve Jobs went from being an unwanted pregnancy .. to this successful person that many of us admire.

    • Sarah says:

      I think it’s less about your situation in life (your birth & adoption) and more about your motivation. ANYONE adopted or not can do amazing things with their life if they have the drive and motivation to do so. It also helped that Steve Jobs was brilliant.

  4. JenB says:

    Adopted kids are CHOSEN! They are always wanted, never a “surprise” (kids are never a mistake!). As someone who can’t have kids, God bless those who put their kids up for adoption, for doing what’s in their best interest. I’m not saying all adopters make good parents (trust me, I’m all too aware of one very bad situation), but the kids are definitely wanted! Birth child… adopted child… either can be a serial killer or discover the cure for cancer.

    • Sarah says:

      Yes Jen! Very true. As a kid I LOVE the fact that I knew I was wanted, and not an “oopsie baby” haha
      And yes, adopted kids can be amazing (like Steve Jobs) and they can be serial killers (like David Berkowitz) LOL Just like any other child. (But hey there are a LOT more serial killers who were not adoptees.)

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