A FROZEN Holiday! #FROZENfun at Walmart!

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Looking for great holiday gifts Toys Books Activities! Disney's FROZEN merchandise now available at Walmart! #Disney #FROZENfun #shop #cbias

If you know me, you know I LOVE all things Disney. However, you may not know that my grandfather’s family comes from Norway! When I heard that Disney was going to be making a movie set in that beautiful country I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to see it with Avery and tell her about her Great Grandfather and to learn more about Norway, the traditions and the  folklore!

By now I’m sure you have all heard about (or seen) Disney’s FROZEN. Like everything Disney does, it’s incredible! Visually stunning! Amazing characters! Laughter and tears! MAGICAL!

I just took Avery to see it earlier in the week and I cried. More than once. I was in awe of the beauty and in love with the story. It made me really wish I had a sister! It also held Avery’s attention for the entire 108 minutes. (which is absolutely incredible for a toddler!)

If you’ve seen the movie (or even just the previews!) I’m sure you and your kiddos are in love with the characters and the story, and if you’re anything like me, you may be thinking of picking up some FROZEN merchandise as holiday gifts! (I *may* be pining away for a larger-than-life-size stuffed Olaf to share warm hugs with!)

Disney's FROZEN

Out doing our holiday shopping, we found ourselves walking through the doors of Walmart. We were on a mission! Nothing would stop us from reaching our goal! NOTHING!!

Except, maybe, “eats”

As soon as we walked through the doors, Avery spotted Subway she started screaming “EATS!! EATS!!” So we had to…eats… We were so excited to see that the Fresh Fit kids meals were FROZEN themed and came with an exclusive Olaf backpack pull! HOW CUTE!! These backpack pulls are ONLY available at the Walmart Subway locations, so we were really happy that Avery chose this location to “eats”
Disney Frozen Kids meals at Subway walmart #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

We ordered Avery’s very first sub (turkey and swiss) and relaxed a bit before we headed to the depths of the toy department!

Frozen Disney Subway #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Tummies full, it was time to check out the FROZEN merchandise! WOW! There was so much!! Dolls, plush, activity sets, costumes and wigs, and a CASTLE!! (I wanted that for myself, but the pieces were a bit too small for Avery, and we have no place to put it. *cue sad trombone*)

Frozen Disney Merchandise at Walmart Subway #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Walmart didn’t only have FROZEN toys. They had books, and blankets and even the soundtrack!

I picked out a whole bunch of items for Santa to bring Avery for Christmas. A couple books, a few talking dolls, the Soundtrack and Elsa’s musical snow wand!

FROZEN Christmas gifts available at walmart  #Disney #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

After shopping we went home to bake some Snowflake sugar cookies to continue our FROZEN themed day!

Frosted sugar cookies Disney's Frozen at walmart  #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Since it was such a blah and rainy day, I decided to give Avery a few “Rainy day” gifts! (Really, I just couldn’t wait until Christmas!!)

A cozy fleece blanket, a coloring and activity book, and Sven the Reindeer!!

FROZEN Rainy day gifts and activities!  #Disney #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

I’m pretty sure she liked her surprises! We spent some time coloring scribbling with Sven

Coloring with Sven the Reindeer from Frozen! Merchandise available at walmart #Disney #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Then it was COOKIE TIME!!! The cookies were a hit and I let Avery eat two (she shared one with Daisy, of course!)

Cookies with Sven from Frozen! Available at Walmart  #Disney #FrozenFun #shop #cbias


After snack, someone was sleepy!  Avery curled up with Sven on her new blanket and vegged out a bit! Subway, shopping, coloring and cookie eating takes a lot out of a girl!! Frozen blanket and Sven from Walmart!! #Disney #FrozenFun #shop #cbias


Interested in seeing what FROZEN products Walmart has available?  Check HERE!

Have you seen FROZEN?  Do you plan on purchasing any FROZEN products for your family this Christmas?


  1. Beth @ TheAngelForever says:

    Love your Frozen filled day. Looks like both of you had a wonderful time. We are hoping to see the movie over winter break since we have not had time. Once we see it, I am sure the guys will want to get the Frozen items for Disney Infinity.

  2. stephanie says:

    I didn’t see the Sven the reindeer at our store… I might have to go back and find a few for my boys! They loved Sven! The cookies look so fun too – great rainy day idea!

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