The Perfect Portion Cookbook Review

*Disclosure: I was given a copy of this great cookbook in exchange for my honest review*

The Perfect Portion Cookbook Review

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of ideas for dinner (and breakfast and lunch!) I do! And it has been especially hard as our family tries to change up our eating habits and improve our health.

I look for recipes online, and save them, but that’s usually as far as I get, I never print them out, so they just get forgotten.  I’m a bit old school, I guess. I love having a physical cookbook to look through, and stick actual bookmarks in! For this reason I was very excited to check out The Perfect Portion Cookbook.  This cookbook was inspired by Happy Days TV star and director Anson Williams’ desire to stay healthy, fit and energetic and was co-written by Williams,  New York Times best-selling cookbook author Bob Warden, and nutritionist Mona Dolgov.

Perfect Portion PagesThe Perfect Portion Cookbook features 150 simple and enjoyable recipes from breakfast and casseroles to seasonal favorites and desserts.  There are also some great tips for 100-calorie snacks as well as 10 secrets to staying fit and healthy, including exercises that burn 100 calories!!

The recipes are easy to follow, and the recommended sizes are shown with clear, and fun graphics.

Soup ladles, ice cream scoops and slices help visualize and measure meals in 100-calorie increments. Single 100-calorie portions may serve as snacks, while 400 to 600-calorie portions of protein, veggie and sides make an ideal dinner serving. For example, The Perfect Portion Cookbook’s Quiche Lorraine has 12 slices and each slice is 100-calories. The recommended breakfast portion is 2 slices, or 200 calories.

I really loved the Sample Menus (7 days of perfect portion meal planning!) and the 100 Calorie portion guides in the back. Did you know that a 100 calorie portion of lettuce is 20 cups?  100 radishes, 65 raisins, 4 tablespoons of hummus, 11 multigrain crackers, 6 apricots, 25 grape tomatoes = 100 calories each?  It’s pretty interesting!

I am currently following a ketogenic diet, but the recipes in this book have been a great resource for me. Many fit into my Low Carb way of eating, and others I can easily swap certain ingredients.  The Grilled Greek Porkchops with Smashed Cauliflower will be on our dinner table very, very soon!

I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes that are sure to become family favorites!

The Perfect Portion Cookbook retails for $29.95 and is available on Amazon:

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