Simple Water Bottle Storage Ideas

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You wouldn’t know by looking at her 33lb 38 inch frame, but the words I hear from Avery most (all day, every day) are “I’m Hungry!!!” followed by “I’m Thirsty!”  If given the chance, she’d sit and snack all day. I try not to give in to all her snacking demands (because honestly, 90% of the time she’s just bored) but, I never say no to her requests for water!Avery drinking waterThis is especially true when she’s been sick. Last week, our kiddo had her first ear infection. It had come on after a few days of some major congestion. Her doctor had prescribed her an antibiotic, and recommended that we also pick up a probiotic since the antibiotics can cause some tummy trouble.  Avery has always had some digestive issues, so we’re no strangers to the benefits of probiotics!little remedies at targetAfter her appointment, we headed to Target (of course) where I picked up her prescription and checked out the Digestive aisle for probiotics. I noticed a BRAND NEW option on the shelf! Little Remedies® NEW Probiotic Plus Electrolytes I also noticed the signage reading “Buy 1 Little Remedies product and get a $5 Target Gift Card” (this offer started4/24 and runs through 5/14) and you all know how much I love a Target gift card!!I love that Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes contains 5 billion active cultures of the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which helps keep the digestive system in balance and supports immune function and that it also contains electrolytes to provide vital minerals and nutrients to help support hydration.* It is also free of artificial flavors, artificial dyes, and parabens!!!Little Remedies probiotic plus electrolytes

And Avery is a big fan of the yummy berry flavor! little remedies hydration

When she’s feeling 100% Avery participates in so many activities and I always want to make sure she’s hydrated. From soccer, to t-ball, to dance, we never leave the house without a water bottle, and let me tell you , we have quite a few!!stay hydrated at danceBut where do we store them?  They take up so much space in our small kitchen. They fall down in the cabinets and fly out at me when I open the door. I know that I can’t possibly be alone in this, right?? simple water bottle storage ideasOne of the easiest storage ideas I’ve found, is to just keep the bottles filled and in the fridge.  Avery likes this, because she can just grab one when she’s thirsty without having to wait for me to get it for her.water bottles in fridgeAnother option we have used, is to put a basket in the cabinet. This keeps all the bottles contained, and they aren’t falling all over.water bottle basketIf you just don’t have space in your fridge or cabinets, but you do have a pantry or closet, you can try this. Buy an over the door shoe organizer, and store the bottles in there! They fit perfectly, are nicely organized, and hidden behind the door!store bottles in shoe organizerAnother idea is a DIY storage chain. You can hang it wherever is convenient. It’s SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE (seriously, it cost less than $5)  Here’s how I made one for our pantry.

You’ll Need:chain bottle storage supplies

  1. A length of plastic chain (available at your local hardware store–I bought a yard for 64 cents!!!)
  2. Carabiners (Buy one for each water bottle)


Now here’s how simple this is.

Step One:
Attach carabiners to chain.carabiner on chainStep Two:
Attach water bottles to carabinersbottle on carabiner

The End.

Easy, right?chain water bottle storageI’m glad we’ve found some simple ways to keep our water bottles organized and within easy reach.  Avery loves being able to grab her bottle, and fill it up all by herself!

We loved the Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes so much, I’m definitely going back to Target to pick up a couple more boxes, so I can get in on the $5 Target Gift Card offer!! (Now through 5/14)

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  1. Jen says:

    We wind up keeping our water bottles on the kitchen counter, further cluttering an area already in bad shape. I love these ideas! Thanks!

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