Yesterday was a very important day.  It was Dave’s birthday. He turned 31!


I know that I cannot put in to words how important Dave is to me, but I’m going to try.

I met Dave in 2009, we met online (I know, I know, think whatever you want, but it obviously worked for us!)

This was the first picture I saw of Dave, and for some reason, I had a really strong desire to meet him:


He was cute, owned a house, had a car and a job (things previous boyfriends did not have haha)

We set a night to meet for dinner, and then….I canceled on him. I planned to move back to NY so I though I’d be wasting everyone’s time. However, a couple weeks later, after much thought (I really couldn’t STOP thinking about him) I sent him a text asking for a second chance.  Thankfully, he agreed to go to dinner. This time I didn’t cancel, and the moment I saw him get out of his truck, and walk across the parking (he had a “baseball player” walk) I knew that I was going to marry him.

Dave is the most amazing man I know.  I know that all women say that about their husbands, but I really mean it.  He is compassionate, and so deeply loving.   I don’t know anyone who would have a bad thing to say about him. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked “Does he have a brother?”

He’s sweet, and generous. He makes me laugh every day.

He is such a hard worker, who puts in at least 6 days a week, often 7. He never feels like he is giving “enough” but, he is MORE than enough.  He takes care of me.  He puts in so many hours a week so I can stay home and take care of Avery.

He does all the shoveling. He does a lot of laundry and he cooks quite often, too! (so I can blog)

He reads, and shares, all my blog posts.

He supports me in all my crazy ideas. Even if it means taking my often evil cat out for a drive.

cat in a car

He raves about my cooking, even if it’s spaghetti.

I always feel safe with him and I know he is always there to take care of me if I need him too, without being a macho pig.

He is incredibly talented and creative.  He’s more than a woodworker, he is truly an artist.  He’s smart. He’s athletic. He looks really good in baseball pants. He has amazing legs. (Seriously, check out his calf muscles. A-ma-zing!)

He taught me to enjoy working on the house….


He now loves Disney almost as much as I do.

He’s opinionated, but never pushes his opinions on anyone.

He’s really cute.


He let’s me take 100’s of photos of him and rarely gets mad when I post them on facebook.  (Even the embarrassing ones, like when he shaved his goatee and looked like a 9 year old)

He loves sports and he loves that I love sports. We get to love sports together and it’s fantastic!

He loves my friends and family and supports them just as much as he supports me.

He lets me be myself, and loves me for me.

He married me….



He has seen me at my lowest points, and lifted me up to my highest. he’s held my hand through some rough stuff. A cancer/MS scare with a insanely long spinal tap. He never left.  He rubbed my back though labor, where my epidural didn’t work and never once uttered the words (as instructed in childbirth class) “You’re the best pusher in the world”

And he became this guy:


The guy who is in the living room with Avery right now, playing “Tickle Monster” and giggling like a kid. The greatest dad ever.

Happy Birthday, Dave!  You are the love of my life, and the best daddy Avery could ever have been blessed with.  We’re looking forward to spending many, many more Birthdays with you!


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