30 Things You Probably Don’t (Care To) Know About Me

1. I Can’t watch razor commercials. They make my skin crawl. Every time the Schitck spokesmodel glides that blade up her leg I envision her peeling her skin off ( And now you’ll never view those commercials the same again, either!)

2. I played football in the WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League) I was a Left Guard. I was terrible at it and I didn’t play a lot, but I have a jersey with my name on it, a really cool helmet and a few amazing memories. But just a few, because I suffered a pretty nasty concussion (in practice) that left me nearly blind in my left eye for a week and kind messed with my memory! But damn it was FUN!

3. I have a lot of trouble focusing when I’m in a noisy place. It’s like I hear every sound and conversation in the room at the same volume. So don’t be offended if we go out to eat and you suddenly realize I’m not hearing anything you’re saying. I try, but sometimes the conversation 7 tables over sucks me in.

4. If I pick up a stuffed animal at a store I feel so guilty putting it back on the shelf. Like it will feel rejected, unwanted and sad.

5. I love crafting. If the ever do an episode of “Hoarders” featuring women who hoard craft supplies, you will see me on it.

6. I went to college for Graphic Design But my true love in school was Photography. I still wish I had changed majors. I think it may be the only thing I regret in my life.

7. If I could live anywhere in the United States, I’d live in Alaska. I don’t think there is any place in the country that is more beautiful.

8. I knew I wanted to marry Dave the moment I saw him walking across the parking lot on our first date. He had a “baseball player” walk.

9. I liked Daniel Tosh long before you did.

10. I’m a “degree collector” I enjoy being in school. I have my BFA in Design, my Massage Therapy certification and was halfway through a second Bachelors in Travel & Tourism Hospitality Management before I realized that I really hated Johnson & Wales.

11. On our first date Dave and I talked about Red Sox baseball. We said I love you for the first time at a Red Sox Game. He proposed to me at Fenway Park.

Before we said “I love you” for the first time. (It was also Dave’s first game) And we both look like we’re 15 in this picture.

12. Avery is named after a little girl on America’s Got Talent. There was a trio of young girls called “Avery and the Calico Hearts” We heard the name and both agreed on it! I’m also from Averill Park, so it sort of pays homage to my “hometown” Her middle name, Fontaine, was my Nana’s middle name.

13. I am a bit “obsessed” with Disney. I first went when I was three and have gone 16 times since then. We’ll be taking Avery on her first trip in December!

14. I LOVE roller coasters. My dad took me on Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain when I was three, and at the end of the ride I was silent, staring blankly into the distance. He thought I was terrified and asked if I was ok. I turned to him, without changing my expression and said “I wanna do that again!!!” I was hooked.

15. My favorite Disney character is Figment, because I absolutely love all things imagination related. Donald Duck is a close second because I think he’s just misunderstood and needs a hug. How would you feel if you played second fiddle to MICKEY?!

16. I’m a Republican, and a Lutheran (which is Christian) and I think EVERYONE should be able to marry whoever they want. (I know there are those of you who don’t think that is possible.)

17. Everyone thinks I’m a picky eater but there are only 3 things that I absolutely WILL NOT eat. 1) Sour cream. 2) Cream cheese. 3) Mayo. This means that I don’t eat cheesecake. I really want to like cheesecake. It always looks so good and comes in so many amazing flavors. I try it every time I have the opportunity, but each time I’m saddened by the fact that it REALLY just tastes like cream cheese with sugar mixed in.

18. I lived in Oklahoma for a month. It was both the biggest mistake of my life and the best decision of my life. I do not regret it at all, and it taught me how strong I am, what amazing friends I have, and brought me to Dave.

19. I used to have pet rats, Bella and Riley. They were two of the best pets I’ve ever had.

20. I like short people more than tall people. There are a few exceptions to this rule–my parents for example. But in general, 5’5″ and shorter.

21. I’m from New York, but can’t stand New York sports teams (except the Mets, because, how ca anyone hate the Mets?) My father taught me everything I know about sports and he is from the Boston area, so Go Sox/Bruins/Pats/Celtics!!

22. I love field trips and plan on being a chaperone for every. single. one. of Avery’s class trips! Aquarium? YES! Museum? Sign me up! Zoo? Can’t wait! Amusement park? You Betcha! I’ll even go on the Nuclear power plant trip (and yes, my class did go to a nuclear power plant….)

23. Ive always wanted to change the spelling of my name to Cera. As in TriCERAtops.

24. In high school my friends thought I looked like Scully, played by Gillian Anderson,from The X-Files (a show we were a wee bit obsessed with) So they started calling me “Gillian” I went to pick up a pizza that a friend ordered and said “Sarah” as my name….no pizza…tried my friends name…nothing. I thought for a bit and said “Gillian?” Sure enough, they had the order. My friend still calls me “Gill”

25. My best friend and I used to be Albany River Rats (an AHL hockey team) season ticket holders. We were crazed and knew where all the players lived. We knew this because one day I came home from school only to have my nana hand me to a note, from one of the players. Apparently they lived in the same apartment complex as her friend and a few of them came over to play with her dog and have dessert. I had never been more jealous of my grandmother and her bridge club.

26. I’m an only child and I DEFINITELY don’t want Avery to be one.

27. I can hold a grudge. There is this girl, who didn’t invite me to her birthday party in 1st grade, and to this day I can’t stand her. (To be fair, I did not invite her to mine. Her mom called my mom to complain about it, so my mom lied and said “Oh the invitation must have gotten lost” So she came to my party. A few weeks later her invitations were handed out in class and I didn’t get one. My mom did NOT call her mom.)

28. I very rarely get a long with Sara’s without Hs. (The girl in #27 is a “Sara”) I get REALLY angry when people leave the H off my name (especially on Facebook where my name is written right in front of you!)

With an “H”

29. There is a street where I grew up, and I have OCD about the sign. If I miss reading the sign I have to turn around and go back. It’s Hialeah Dr. and I have NO IDEA why I do this. It is my only OCD.

30. I want to delete about half this list because Its embarrassing and/or stupid and I bet you’re all judging me!!!!!


  1. melissa says:

    I agree with the stuffed animal thing. I feel the exact same way and I am super glad I’m not alone (because really, how sad is that?! haha). Stephen and I became friends before dating, and we became friends because of chatting about the Sox. You already know that I too, am obsessed with Disney. Let’s see…I also love roller coasters. Have you ridden Expedition: Everest at night?! Seriously so scary and awesome. Yes to chaperoning all field trips. Even though I work full time, I totally hope to be “that mom” that volunteers for EV-ER-Y-THING for B’s class. Aaaand, I get irrationally angry when people misspell my name. Because even though I’m pretty sure my spelling is the more common spelling, you would be shocked to hear how many people spell it M-E-L-L-I-S-A. YUCK!!

  2. Sarah {Soxys Diamond} says:

    I loved Avery and the Calico Hearts! They were so cute.
    And #28? Drives me crazy…for real!
    Actually there is a lot we have in common from this list, and a lot I can relate too, even though we’re not exactly the same :)

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