10 Tips For Feeding Picky Eaters

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10 Tips for feeding picky eaters


They are fun, and they are cute, and funny, and smart, and cuddly, and…challenging.

We’ve run into some major challenges with Avery recently. One of those challenges is getting her to eat. Often she’s just too busy to eat. The girl has a lot going on, ya know. Coloring, playing with her trains and legos, chasing Daisy. She just doesn’t have time to eat!

Oh, and, she’s a lil’ bit on the picky side. She eats what her pediatrician calls the “Toddler Diet” Macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and chicken nuggets.  She loves apples and oranges, fruit pouches, pizza without sauce, and whatever is on my plate.  (even if what is on her plate is identical to mine, mine is delicious and hers is un-edible)

Tips for picky eaters

We’ve been working on this, and here are a few things we’ve found that work for us (most of the time)

10 Tips For Feeding Picky Eaters

1. Give them choices: Give your child options. Not too many, but one of two. I always ask Avery “Would you like carrots or broccoli?” or “Do you want an apple or oranges?” She feels in control of her meal, and letting her choose, means she is usually more likely to eat.

2. Have them help: Kids enjoy helping in the kitchen, and they love trying out the foods they have helped to prepare. Avery helps me when I bake by pouring the pre-measured ingredients into the bowl.

3. Make food fun: Get creative with their food. You don’t have to be the bento box queen, but I know that Avery is more likely to eat a sandwich when it’s cut in fun shapes.

4. Eat with them: I’ve found that Avery will eat anything, as long as it is o MY plate. Seriously, I could have a dish of liver and onions and she’d be on it like white on rice! When I sit down to lunch with Avery she eats more than when she has lunch while I’m working.

5. Dip it: For some kids, letting them try out dips and other condiments helps them eat food they may normally say they don’t like.

6. Let them shop: While at the grocery store, have your child help choose some of their foods for the week! We let Avery go crazy in the produce section, and she asks for whatever she picked out the moment we get in the house (and often the whole car ride home!) She gets excited about the food she picked at the store.

7: Be patient, and don’t force it: You don’t want your kids to dread meal time. Don’t yell or force them to eat things they don’t want. Odds are, your child isn’t starving, and they will eat when they are hungry.

8: Keep portions small: Let your child eat, and ask for more if they’d like. Piling the food on their plate can be overwhelming.

9. No distractions: Turn off the tv, keep toys and games off the table. Focus on the food.

10. Try Pick-Ease: Pick-Ease utensils were invented by Melissa Desrochers, a mom and daycare provider who knows a thing or two about picky eaters. When she discovered that her fussy son was more likely to eat his food if she put it on a toothpick, the idea for Pick-Ease was born!  While toothpicks worked well, Melissa wanted to create a safer alternative.

Avery tried out Pick-Ease and loved it! She not only enjoyed eating food off a pick, but she enjoyed the challenge of picking up every piece of food from her plate!

Pick Ease for picky toddlersPick-Ease utensils are made in the USA!!  In fact, they are made, right here in Rhode Island! (Hooray for local moms building awesome local busniesses!) They are BPA free, and dishwasher safe! You can choose from 6 different packs of two featuring cute graphics that kids will love. Avery is a big fan of the Savannah Pack which features a Giraffe and a Lion. pick-ease toddler utensilsWe’ve used Pick-Ease with all kinds of foods. Pasta and ravioli, hot dogs, chicken, grapes, blueberries, salad, cheese, cheese and more cheese, potatoes, broccoli, melon and more. You can use pick ease with pretty much any food cut up to bite size!

Pick-Ease utensils are not just for picky eaters! They are also great for kids who are just learning to self feed, and children with sensory disorders.

You can learn more about Pick-Ease and purchase your own HERE

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Do you have any tricks or techniques to get your toddler to eat? Share them in the comments!

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