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*Disclosure- We were given two sets of bedding to facilitate this Zipit Bedding Review. All opinions are my own* 

10 Reasons We Love Zipit Bedding - Review {ad}A few months ago, we moved Avery out of her crib, and into her big girl bed!  We got her a really cool loft bed from Ikea that was not only fun, but incredibly functional.  In such a small room, we really needed to use every inch of space, so the loft was perfect. She sleeps up top, and the area underneath is great for storing her toys! zipit bedding review

Avery was so excited to try out her big girl bed!

Avery was so excited to try out her big girl bed!

Soon, Dave will be adding stairs that double as a dresser for her clothes, and we’ll also be installing book shelves!  More on that later!  But now I wanted to tell you about Avery’s super awesome bedding!

Avery couldn't wait to try out her new bedding, as soon as it arrived, she took a nap on it, still in the shipping box!

Avery couldn’t wait to try out her new bedding, as soon as it arrived, she took a nap on it, still in the shipping box!


1. Zipit comes in a variety of great colors and patterns! Avery chose the Pink Clovers and Purple Hearts sets.

2. It’s reversible! I love that the sets can be flipped to create different looks in the room!

Zipit Bedding Zipper

3. It’s so easy to change the sheets! I really hate making the bed. Honestly, it’s a chore that I loathe, especially on a bunk or loft style bed! Ugh! If you’ve ever had to change bedding on a bunk bed, you understand the struggle. With Zipit, this chore takes no time at all. It’s just like putting on a fitted sheet! You can change the bed in seconds!

4. It’s easy for kids to make their own bed.  They just zip it up, and they are done! No tucking, or straightening, or smoothing, or anything.

We love Zipit Bedding5. Zipit Bedding fits in your washer and dryer!  We have a tiny washer and dryer! I mean, I’m sure it’s standard size, but I always feel like our bedding just doesn’t fit or wash well. This isn’t the case with Zipit! (At least the twin size, which is what we have) You can throw the whole thing in the washer!  Easy peasy!

6. We were still in the midst of nighttime potty training when we started using Zipit bedding. So, you parents know what that means.  I was washing Avery’s bedding quite a bit. Her Zipits held up so well in the wash. They still look as new as they did on day one! No pilling, tearing, fading, or other issues!

Zipit Bedding is perfect for kids7. Avery moves around a LOT at night.  In her crib, she’d often kick off the covers, and wake in the middle of the night because she was cold. With Zipit she stays tucked in all night!

8. Zipit Bedding is affordable. Starting at $49.99 for the twin size, this is a great deal for a bedding set! Other sets we’ve looked at are much more, and not as awesome as Zipit!

Reading in bed with zipit9.  It Rolls/folds up well, which is great since we have minimal storage space. It also works well for travel and fits on our air mattress!

10. Avery LOVES it! Which helps make bedtime easier! We were worried the transition from crib to bed would be difficult, but between the fun loft bed, and her big girl bedding, we’ve had no issues whatsoever!

Bonus Reason we love Zipit Bedding.  Zipit is a Mom founded business! Jennifer MacDonald and Hayley Carr started the company after Jennifer, tired of getting her kids to make their beds had an “Aha” moment. A zippered comforter, similar to a sleeping bag!! It all started with a sketch drawn on a napkin, and with lot’s of hard work and perseverance, became the incredible product you see in this post!  Jennifer and Hayley are very kind and generous, and we are grateful that they worked with us on this review! Thank you so much, Zipit for our amazing bedding sets!

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Zipit Bedding Review


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