Potty Training with Bumbo!

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And so it begins….


Potty training.


A week or so ago, Avery sat on her Bumbo Toilet Trainer (still in the packaging) and said “Mamma!  Potty!  Poooooop! Potty, Momma!” and I realized that she was letting me know that she is ready to start the process of potty training.  I must confess, I’m not really excited about it.  I don’t have any problem with changing diapers.  It has never bothered me, and I don’t yet feel like I’m “SO OVER IT!” Honestly, I feel like potty training is such a production.  I have friends with potties in the back of their mini vans. At the mention of “mommy I have to go potty!” they pull over and tear their kids out of the car seat and have them go pee-pee on the side of the highway. WHAT?  WHY? I don’t want to be doing that!!!! I don’t even know HOW I’m supposed to go about this whole training thing.

My mom isn’t any help.  She claims she didn’t potty train me.  She says my babysitter did. In a day. My mom dropped me off with diapers, and picked me up potty trained. My sitter hanging her a bag of diapers, saying “We don’t use these anymore.  Or so the story goes…

However, I know she is ready, and following her cues, I pulled out the potty and the Bumbo Toilet trainer. We ask her regularly if she has to go potty, and she often goes and sits on it, but so far, when we pull her pants down she says “NO! NO POTTY” and we ease off, just to try again another time.

This week we visited my Aunt and Uncle in NY and I didn’t want to stop the “training” while we were gone, so I brought along out Toilet Trainer and step stool.  We continued to follow Avery’s cues and sat her on the potty when she started talking about “Poop! Peep! Potty!”

So far we haven’t had any “success” but we did enjoy a family sing along of “Poopy in the potty!” (You know you remember that from “Look Who’s Talking”) And we are still trying!!

I love how easy the Toilet Trainer is to use. You just place the trainer on any standard toilet seat and you’re ready to go!

Bumbo potty trainer toilet training easy

Don’t forget to flush!


It’s also light, which makes it easy to travel with, and it’s very easy to store (under the sink, behind the toilet, next to the toilet…)

Bumbo Toilet Trainer_Pink

And it has some less obvious uses as well…..

toilet trainer bumbo nap potty training

We also love our Bumbo Step Stool!

Bumbo Step Stool_BlackWhen not using it to climb up on to her Toilet Trainer, Avery uses it as a seat while having her snack, to reach the items higher up on her toy shelf and to *almost* reach the sink to wash her hands!  It’s light enough for her to carry herself, and the bottom has non-slip “feet” so I’m never worried about it slipping out from under her on our hardwood floors!

bumbo step stool stand sit

bumbo step stool seat boat stool

We love our Toilet trainer and Step Stool, and we love Bumbo in general! Did you know that through the Bumbo Cares Program, they donate a portion of every product purchase to the community! They’ve helped more than 1,200 children, have touched the lives of more than 15,000 students in local schools, and assisted tens of thousands of people in our broader community!! Bumbo is definitely a company that you can feel good about making a purchase from!


You can learn more about Bumbo and their product range at the following links:

And, just for fun….
bumbo potty training toilet trainer
(Hey look! A Typo! We’ll just go ahead and call that a typing outtake!)

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    • Sarah says:

      I think if the kids are old enough/able to get on this potty it’s really great! We still have our standard potty, but really want to work with Avery on using this one since it’s so much easier for me to keep clean lol And, it’s so much easier to travel with when we visit family!

  1. MamaLuvsBooks says:

    WOW! That’s a hard question. I can’t even remember…. maybe I blocked it out! LOL! I will say that we used a potty ring but this looks SO MUCH nicer! They always come up with newer and better things once your kids are older!

  2. Jennifer D says:

    We are getting some cues too! They say boys can be harder to potty train, but he sits on the potty now and says potty, and also he’ll tell us when he has poops in his diaper

  3. Cassandra Eastman says:

    The one of her napping is SO cute!
    My most memorable potty training moment with my son (now 4) were as soon as we get in the car… “Mom! I need to poop.” What is it about getting in the car that makes them need to poop?
    My youngest is 26 months now and we are in the process of trying to potty train, she isn’t going to be as easy as my son was, she’s a stubborn one! :)

  4. Kimberly says:

    My little girl just turned 2 and hasn’t shown any interest in potty training yet. We’re going to start after Christmas when things are back to normal around here. She is fascinated by my underwear, so I’m hoping “big girl” underwear will be a good incentive!

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