Is She Even My Baby?

So I’m coming to terms with the fact that, apparently, as everyone tells me every. single. day.  Avery looks nothing like me and exactly like Dave.

People are right….she doesn’t look a thing like me, except for….

Her big blue eyes.

Her straight, strawberry blonde hair.

Her dimples.

Her little pug nose.

Her peaches and cream (aka-pale) complexion.


Her crooked little pinkies.

And this….

(Anyone who knows me has seen one of “those” faces)

But yeah…. I guess I’m ok with the fact that she looks “exactly” like her brown eyed, dark brown haired, tan father….

And she looks absolutely NOTHING like me.



  1. Megan says:

    LOL! People see what they want to see. According to my mother-in-law, my kids were created solely from my husband. They have no part of me in them at all. haha.

    • Sarah says:

      HAHA Yeah, That is VERY true!!!

      I mean I do see some of Dave in her….sometimes… LOL But Very rarely does anyone say that she looks like me, in any way. Ive even had people say “Who does she get those big blue eyes from?” As if they aren’t staring right in to mine! haha

  2. MelissaG813 (@MelissaG813) says:

    Seriously? I’ve only seen a couple pictures of your husband, but Avery totally looks like you.

    I think if people know one parent better than the other, or have known them longer, they just automatically think that the kid looks like that parent. My side says B looks like me. My husband’s side says like him. People that we worked with at the job where we met, who knew us an equal amount of time? They are either split in who they say he looks like, or they say they see us both in him!

    But yeah, I think anyone who says she doesn’t look like you is just dumb. 😉

  3. Shelley says:

    Oh i definitely see Dave in her…especially the shape of her face and shape of her eyes. But she is a very good mix of the two of you, with your coloring (hair, eyes & skin). And I laughed at the crooked pinky….I have those too! :)

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