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Babies Gone Wild: How Far Is Too Far?

I’m not gonna lie. I watch the show “Toddlers & Tiaras” (religiously)  I just can’t look away from this train wreck.  But I have very mixed emotions about the Pageant World.

When I watch the show I often wonder how much is real, and how much is editing.  I know that drama sells, and if all the little girls were happy, and all the moms were sane nobody, myself included, would watch the show.  But there are some things that clearly are not edited. The costumes for example, or force feeding Pixie Stix and Red Bull to a 2 year old to get her to “wake up” They could edit that OUT, but the sad thing is, that IS reality. Plain as day, strutting her stuff across my TV screen.

I don’t have a problem with pageants. I think it’s great when girls learn self esteem at a young age, and feel free to sing, dance, or perform another talent in front of an audience without being scared.  That is great.  But I think it can go too far.

Looks like she’s having a great time! Because every 4 year old loves getting waxed!

The spray tans, the caked on make-up, the eye brow waxing, the tiny trampy costumes. It is all disturbing to me.  I can’t imagine what these moms are thinking when they dress their kids up as mini adults and have them behave inappropriately on stage (pouty lips, booty shake, etc.) Of course a two year old doesn’t understand what pouty faces and booty shakes may represent, they just do what their mom or hired coach tells them to do.

Is this girl 4 or 34?  She looks much older than me…just a lot shorter.

I watched the new Anderson Cooper show last week, and he had three of the Pageant girls mother’s on the show. They all defended themselves tooth and nail, even arguing with a Psychologist about the POSSIBLE repercussions of little girls behaving in a sexual manner on stage.  They think this is just how all little girls act at that age.  Dancing in front of mirrors and wanting to wear make-up.   I agree, to a point, that girls of that age may want to try make-up, and pretty dresses, and dance and sing for their parents.  But isn’t it the parents job to stear the girls in the direction of loving who you are without make-up, and without thousand dollar glitz dresses?

Maddona cone bras are totally appropriate for two year olds…right? RIGHT?!

One mother has spent over $100,000 on pageants (Dresses, travel, coaches, etc)  Isn’t that a tad bit extreme?  Spending money to teach a little girl that she’s worth nothing unless she’s the prettiest.

That is what depresses me the most.  These tiny little girls, babies some of them, are being taught before they even hit pre-school that if you’re not perfect and pretty you have no value.   Its a shame, its sad, and it’s disturbing.

Sure–it’s acceptable to dress a toddler up as “Pretty Woman” it’s what all little girls want to do! Totally natural!

I have so much more to say on this topic, but I’ll stop here for now. Dave and I will not be putting our children in pageants, not only is it far too expensive, but we want our kids to know that their true value has nothing to do with how they look.

What do you think of pageants? Are the “Natural pageants” (no make-up no tanning, no flippers or gaudy dresses) ok?  Do you think parents take it too far?