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Christmas Countdown Calendar! DIY!

This month I had the opportunity to write a fun DIY Christmas post for the Gerber Childrenswear blog! The theme was a fun craft for Baby's First Christmas. Avery helped me to create a cute Christmas Countdown Calendar that will be part of our holiday traditions for years to come! Please visit Gerber Childrenswear and read the step by step instructions on how to make your own!!

‘Tis the Season for Family! Adoption – Adopt US Kids

The holidays are here! This time of year we focus so much on spending time with our families, and loved ones! This year, our little family will spend Christmas morning at home, and then head out to New York the next day to visit our extended family. There will be gifts, and music, food and games. But, most importantly, there will be the love that we share, and the wonderful feeling of being together as a family.
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My Teenager Wears 2T

So, Avery turned 13 this week. Or so you’d think by the way she’s been talking to me!! Today I asked her to sit in the shopping cart. Her response?  “Yeah, ok, boss!”  She’s also started ending her responses to...